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Civic Flags

Newton Newton Civic flags are made of the best quality purpose made fabrics.

For outdoor use M.o.D. approved woven polyester flag material, used by the British Admiralty, is recommended. Arguably the most durable flag cloth in the world, it is also used for industrial, commercial and institutional flags, wherever severe climatic conditions prevail. The advantages of using this material include its usually high tensile strength with exceptional resistance to abrasion, thus improving increased life expectancy.

Flags manufactured for indoor use are crafted in either Raycott, Proban, nylon or silk. Again all design work is reproduced in exact proportion, scale and detail to the originals. Usually finished with a sleeve, they can also be supplied with braided or twist fringe around three sides, cords and tassels if required.

Car Pennants

Newton Newton also produces Civic car pennants in either the silk screen, printed or machine embroidered methods.

Full coats of arms are handsomely reproduced in exact scale and proportional detail and are used by Royalty, Civic Authorities, the Military, the Diplomatic Corp and service chiefs.

You will not find prices for the work shown on our website. The images below are just a few examples of commissioned work manufactured by Newton Newton.

Civic Flags

civic flag arun district council
Arun District Council

civic flag east lindsey
East Lindsey

civic flag n

civic flag knutsford town council
Knutsford Town Council

civic flag sussex council
Mid Sussex District Council

civic flag arundel air pool
Arundel Open Air Pool

civic flag beverley

civic flag essex county council
Essex County Council

civic flag Lincolnshire County Council
Lincolnshire County Council

civic flag in veritate victoria
In Veritate Victoria

civic flag  leicester surprise
Leicester - A City Full of Surprises

civic flag lincoln city council<
Lincoln City Council

civic flag newark sherwood council
Newark & Sherwood District Council

civic flag peterborough
Peterborough City of Europe

civic flag skegness town council
Skegness Town Council

civic flag sleaford council
Sleaford Council

civic flag south devon
South Devon Heritage Coast

civic flag Nottingham City Council
Nottingham City Council

civic flag crediton town council
The Selle of the Borowe Town of Credyton

civic flag ex unitate currque fortior
Ex Unitate Currque Fortior

civic flag oxfordshire cc
Oxfordshire CC

civic flag oxfordshire cc
Oxfordshire CC

civic flag por amur del pais
Por Amur Del Pais

Civic Flag - Boston Borough Council
Boston Borough Council

civic flag unity diversity
Unity With Diversity

civic flag unity we serve
In Unity We Serve

civic flag Nottingham City Council
Nottingham City Council

civic flag glasgow
Let Glasgow Flourish

civic flag government office south west
Government Office South West

civic flag thanet district council
Thanet District Council

civic flag swindon district council
Swindon Borough Council

civic flag better burnley
Burnley Borough Council

civic flag enfield
Enfield District Council

civic flag ramsgate

civic flag ramsgate
Ramsgate Charter Trustees

civic flag thanet
Thanet District Council Re-brand

civic flag Hillingdon (Borough of)
Hillingdon (Borough of)

civic flag Skegness Jolly Fisherman
Skegness Jolly Fisherman

Mablethorpe Mermaid

civic flag Buckie Community Council
Buckie Community Council

civic flag Cambourne Town Council
Cambourne Town Council


civic flag Kennington PC
Kennington PC

civic flag Notts CC Childcare
Notts CC Childcare

civic flag Notts CC Equality & Diversity
Notts CC Equality & Diversity

civic flag Notts CC Every Child Matters
Notts CC Every Child Matters

civic flag Notts CC Heal
Notts CC Heal

civic flag Notts CC Partnership
Notts CC Partnership

civic flag Notts Quality
Notts Quality

civic flag Notts Workforce
Notts Workforce

civic flag Penzance Town Council
Penzance Town Council

civic flag Royal Wooton Basset
Royal Wooton Basset

Car Pennants

civic flag ramsgate
Ramsgate Civic Car Flags

civic flag boston borough council
Boston Borough Council

civic flag stoke council
Stoke Council

civic flag dartford car
Dartford Civic Car Flags

civic car pennant - Test Valley Council
Test Valley Council Civic Car Flag

civic car pennant - Hillingdon
Hillingdon Civic Car Flag

civic car pennant - Hillingdon
Hillingdon Civic Car Pennant


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