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In ultimate terms of delicate quality, grace and beauty there is no substitute for hand embroidery work when it comes to ceremonial parade King's/Queen's Colours, Banners, Standards, Guidons or Regalia etc. This applies particularly to Royal, Diplomatic, Military, Diocese, Civic, Lodge, Historical or Heraldic commissions.

For intricate orders we have more than 450 different brilliant colour shades of acrylic silk yarns which to choose from in addition to a wide range of metallic threads. Undoubtedly the most aesthetically pleasing results are achieved with designs using gold and silver mylar bullion wire. Mylar wires are not precious metals. Unlike real gold and silver they are purposely made having special qualities of long lasting colour retention and lustre. Caution however is required with wire work. Items cannot be rolled away after use for fear of bending or distorting the wire. They must be stored protected laying flat or draped hanging.

Prospective clients are welcome to visit our premises by appointment during normal business hours. Alternatively, in very selected cases, examples can be sent by post on short term loan.

You will not find prices for the work shown on our website. The images below are just a few examples of commissioned work manufactured by Newton Newton.

embroidery flag rolex

embroidery flag royal green jacket
Royal Green Jacket

embroidery flag port cullis close
Port Cullis

embroidery flag royal green jackets
Royal Green Jackets

embroidery flag royal west norfolk
Royal West Norfolk

embroidery flag burgh-le-marsh yasmin school banner
Burgh-le-Marsh Yasmin School Banner

embroidery flag metropolitan police mounted branch guidon
Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch Guidon

embroidery flag metropolitan police
Metropolitan Police

embroidery flag newton newton standard
Newton Newton Standard

embroidery flag newark golf club
Newark Golf Club

embroidery flag upton by chester golf club
Upton By Chester Golf Club

embroidery flag fulford golf club
Fulford Golf Club

embroidery flag Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Service
Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Service

embroidery flag the royal british legion quorn branch
Royal British Legion Quorn Branch

embroidery flag rna norwich branch
RNA Norwich Branch

embroidery flag The Queen's Royal Lancers
The Queen's Royal Lancers

regimental flag 7th Signal Regiment
Royal Signals - 7th Signal Regiment

regimental flag 7th Signal Regiment
Royal Signals - 7th Signal Regiment

regimental flag 7th Signal Regiment
Royal Signals - 7th Signal Regiment

regimental flag 7th Signal Regiment
Royal Signals - 7th Signal Regiment

embroidery flag burgh le marsh primary


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