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Thank you very much for donating the R.A.F. flag for the Wellington Memorial in my home town Vlaardingen. This was the finishing touch of this monument to remember the 6 young guys who lost there lives for our freedom.

Hans van Ekelenburg 24.10.2013

I ordered a black leatherette holder yesterday for my banner and the goods arrived today. Great service for which many thanks! (I know this is as it should be, but for many suppliers it isn't, so it is worth complimenting when things go well!)

Michael Myers 18.09.2013

I am with three others the organizer of The Final Turn for The Repat Parades here in Oxford. I was for the 2nd time over at Carterton (Brize-Norton) taking photos for our reports on the progress of The New Memorial Garden. In fact while there your Flag pole arrived. More good photos. I was told by Mr Brian that you had donatated this one as you did at Wootton-Bassett.

On behalf of all of us Vets at The Final Turn in Oxford we thank you Cliff. I will pass this on at our next meeting.

Yours eye.
Royal Dragoon Guards

Tracy, I received the new Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Service Colours this morning and I must say I am extremely pleased with the final product. They are an excellent reflection of quality workmanship and I am sure we will have no hesitation recommending you to others when we display them on our frequent parades at home and abroad.

Peter Sandel Chairman
Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service

Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service Flag

Dear Michaela

Thank you very much for your attention to detail in our recent purchase of a new Club flag. It was well received by the members at our recent Annual General Meeting and was flown proudly for the new Captain's drive-in the next day.

We were unsure what we wanted but you helped us every step of the way to a fine result.
Thank you again.

Jenny Taylor
Lady Captain
Cheadle Golf Club

Cheadle Golf Club Flag

Dear Sirs

I noticed your history of the Union flag with interest. But where did you get your history? By 1606 there was no war between Scotland and England. James VI of Scotland had suceeded Elizabeth I of England peacefully in 1603, and there followed a long period of welcome peace between the two kingdoms. (The parliaments were only united in 1707).

James was the first British monarch, in fact the most intelligent and enlightened of the lot to this day, with a distaste for war and always seeking peace and sensible compromise, and the first Union flag was created at his behest.

Until recent memory, the UK signified "the United Kingdom_s_", of Scotland, England (+Wales) and Ireland. Worthwhile getting this right, because the facts are more interesting than fiction. But I always look with curiosity to see if the Union flag is hoisted correctly. Get the history right (the flag could change again if the English nationalists manage to wreck the Union!), and good luck with your business.

Yours sincerely, Gavin Sprott (Edinburgh).

Dear Mr. Sprott - Gavin,

Thank you for your email this morning relative the Union Flag history.

In standing corrected we appreciate the politeness of your approach. We must confess having twice recently been corrected by people we chose to ignore. However, as a consequence of your far more courteous manner we will, with your written consent, make an amendment word for word credited to you personally.

Concluding sincerely on a lighter note Gavin reference your 'Union' comment. Many believe the Scots have already wrecked it!

Kindest regards and good wishes,

Clifford Newton.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Indeed, your are welcome to print my comments.

By the way, the flag was actually created in 1606, and there was controversy at the time as to the relative positions of the constituent flags. But the late Gordon Donaldson, Historiographer Royal for Scotland and Professor of Scottish History at Edinburgh University used to comment that if St George predominated, St Andrew provided the foundation! Well, we just have to be tolerant!

Yours sincerely,

Gavin Sprott


A war between Scotland and England which England won in 1606 resulted in the Union flag?.. just where did you read that one!

The Union flag was created by James 1st (England) and James 6th (Scotland) - (same guy), who was asked to take over the English throne (he was already King of Scotland) after Queen Elisabeth 1st (England) died childless. James 6th was Mary Queen of Scots son.

He then set about creating a flag that would symbolise the two nations under one monarch. The flag was often reversed in Scotland with the cross of St Andrew over the cross of St George. Occasionally it is still flown that way in Scotland.

There was certainly no war!

Stephen McKenzie

Hello Stephen - Good Morning,

Your email 02 November 2006 (19.37hrs) is acknowledged. Thank you.

We stand corrected and offer our profound apology for having caused offence. The terminology on our website will be rephrased as soon as possible.

That said Stephen, your belligerent approach was quite unnecessary. A mature person would have made to point equally as well, indeed better, by a more friendly method. Are your parents not teaching you any good manners? More-so, your school proper forms of opening and closing correspondence salutations? Your opening address 'What!..' begs belief. Typical of some 5th form student.

However, after correction your email will be published on our website 'Guest Page' together of course with our reply to you.

Kindest regards and good wishes.

Clifford Newton.

Dear Mr. Clifford,

Thank you for your kind response and generous rebuke.

I look forward to viewing your "Guest Page"!

Stephen McKenzie

Earlier this year we purchased two flags from Newton and Newton, one Union flag and One Lincolnshire County flag. As these were for use in a North Sea environment you suggested that we have anti-fray netting attached, and advised upon the sizes required.

The flags have withstood all the the North Sea has thrown at them, even 60mph winds (yes we know they shouldn't have been up) but they survived and are still in excellent condition. We appreciate your professional advice and the superb quality of your product.

Thank you

Mike Newbold

Country: UK


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