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For you are the makers of the flag and it is well that you glory in the making Franklin Knight Lane 1864 - 1921

A moth-eaten rag on a worm eaten pole Doth not seem likely to stir a man's soul. 'tis the deed that were done 'neath that moth-eaten rag When the pole was a staff and the rag was a flag. Sir Edward Bruce Hamley. 1824 - 1893

The family business of Newton Newton Flag & Banner Makers was formed in 1975 by Clifford Newton and his wife Georgina.  Cliff's interest was stimulated as a boy after his father bought home a German flag from the end of WW2 and later taking him to buy his first new flag from the old established flag company of Turtle & Pearce Ltd, Tanner Street. London.  He started collecting flags and soon became engrossed in the knowledge of flag history, usage, protocol and etiquette.

Early processes were limited to simple designs of sewn and appliquéd flags.  Initial development was hindered by their lack of production methods, business and management skills.  Encouraged by the Parish vicar Brian Newton (no relation) Cliff successfully applied for a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship.

Under the category 'The Creation of a Small Business' he studied methods, materials and techniques at 23 flag and banner manufacturers across 19 states of the USA.

In the subsequent years with the help of daughters Tracy and Selina, a highly creditable business reputation was established within the industry as makers of superior flags and banners produced to standards of unsurpassed quality, grace and beauty.

After Cliff & Georgina retired, Tracy & Selina took full control.  In March 1998 Cliff started to write his autobiography which is still ongoing.  As an ex-Army man, having served in Germany, Sudan and Cyprus he also then turned his hand to compiling modest book publications based on Military humour.  The first three books being 'Rank Humour', 'Stand Easy' and 'Boots & Bullsh*t'.  A forth 'Get your knees Brown' is in progress.  Articles include interesting or amusing experiences, funny stories, jokes, tales, anecdotes, lyrics, poems and precious moments in, and associated with, those having served in all branches of HM Armed Forces.  For further information click here.



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