Flag Design Hints and Tips


Flag design is totally different from any other type of signage. Major corporations spend millions developing a successful corporate image.

With flags: · simple and BOLD is best · People do not stand reading flags · The fewer words the better · Abbreviated or no words better still

Remember these points and you won't go far wrong.

A flag is a symbol and not a sign - one would not expect to see the letters 'GB' on the Union flag anymore than 'USA' on the Stars and Stripes. Poster and Billboard designs are not always good when used on flags. Lettering on flags is difficult, if not impossible, to read when flying in a breeze.

Good examples of flag design for major corporations include Shell, BP, ICI, Ford, Rank, Boots, Kodak, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Jet, Gulf, Esso, Mobil, etc.

Flags will usually read correctly from one side only and 'mirror-fashion' on the reverse. Flags can be made so as to be seen and read correctly from both sides in a choice of manufacturing methods, however a completely double-sided flag will increase the cost and certainly the weight. Caution is advised as it might require a Force 8 gale to fly!



Illustrated is an example of a poorly designed flag.The two lines of text will be practically impossible to read on a flag hoisted 6m. aloft. Imagine the chances of trying to read it from the reverse. However, the two characters are, as logos, each readily identifiable from whichever direction viewed.

Flag Design Newton Newton Flags Flag Design Newton Newton Flags

TOYOTA is a splendid example of first class flag design.Toyota flags are produced in portrait style as against landscape.TOYOTA reads vertically, top to bottom, and being symmetrical reads correctly from both sides.


Newton Newton toyota flag


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