Mathias Forknall Lodge

From humble beginnings in 1975 Newton Newton has grown to become probably the United Kingdom foremost manufacturer of superior quality flags, ceremonial parade banners and standards. Colloquially termed 'England's Stateliest Industry'

Recent completion of a new factory building adjacent to the Grade 2 Listed Bishop Tozer's Chapel marks the culmination of a 50 year marriage and 30 year business partnership of the founders Clifford and Georgina Newton. Since their retirement in 1992 the firm has been controlled by daughters Selina and Tracy who were each involved with manufacturing before leaving school. Selina in now responsible for production and quality control, Tracy - marketing and administration.

Anxious the new development should be architecturally in keeping with the old and its surrounding area specialist family builders W.P. Coffey & Son of nearby village Well, Alford, Lincolnshire were appointed to undertake the project. Perpetuating the 19th Century architectural local style and building tradition, 'Mathias Forknall Lodge' seems rather unusual as a flag factory setting.

Changing times saw the demise of eight old established flag makers in 2002. Fortunately, in 1993 Tracy and Selina had the foresight to anticipate the adverse effect budget conscious digitally printed products would have on the flag industry nationwide. With local rural skills still available the decision was taken to concentrate on niche' market superior quality hand made products. This includes complex appliqué work, hand painted and hand embroidered using finest acrylic silk threads, gold and silver Mylar bullion wire.

Employing only seven staff this small though successful rural industry now competes with the worlds biggest and best supplying flags, banners, standards, colours and guidons etc; to clients including the Ministry of Defence, HM Armed Forces, Embassies and Consulates, National and Local Government Authorities', many global Corporations, Associations, Societies, Lodges and Clubs, world-wide. Commercial clients are welcome to visit by appointment during normal business hours.

Two frequently asked questions:

Why the name Newton Newton?

If it was simply 'Newton' no-one would ask.

Why name the new building Mathias Forknall Lodge?

In tribute to Steve Mathias and Andy Forknall the two local highly skilled bricklayers who actually built it.






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