The Bishop Tozer's Chapel

Head Office of Newton Newton Flag and Banner Makers

Built in 1867 at a cost of £320 (legal fees £1.14s 6d) defrayed by Anglican Bishop Tozer who, prior to his appointment as second Bishop of Nyasaland (now Milawi), served as Vicar to the Parish of Burgh-le-Marsh.

His appointment in Africa proved unhappy. He and Livingstone, 'Man of Africa', seldom saw eye-to-eye. Tozer suffered badly from tropical diseases and returned to England and retirement in 1865. The Chapel was erected as a place of worship, with a school on the ground floor for 'the children of poor parishioners and labouring classes'. The Church was on the upper floor.

These satellite Churches, known as 'Chapels of Ease', were common in the Marsh and Fenlands of Lincolnshire. So called for being easier and more convenient for the labouring class families to attend worship than walking two or three miles to the nearest Parish church.

Closed in 1936 and unused until the outbreak of World War II when occupied by the armed Forces on coastal Defence Units. For 37 post war years to 1983 the disused Chapel became progressively more derelict and overgrown until purchased from the Church Commissioners by the FamilyNewton for £5,000. 

The 19th Century Grade II listed Chapel still retains all of its original character. The difference being now equipped with 21st Century technology and Newton Newton producing flags and banners to standards of grace and quality.

Article from The Guardian 28th June 1899




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