VE-Day 80

The Nation will come together at 9am on 6th June to raise The D-Day 80 Flag Of Peace and start a day of commemorations on this the 80th Anniversary of D-Day Worldwide.

Flags will fly across the Nation as we remember Operation Overlord which bought together the largest naval, air and land operation in history, and remember over 209,00 casualties.

From Government, Civic Authorities, Municipal, Borough,City, Town and Parish councils, Schools, Churches, Businesses, Associations – anyone and everyone is encouraged to fly the official ‘D-Day 80 Flag Of Peace’.

To make this event as inclusive to as many people as possible, especially in these current economic times, we have put together a range of different sized flags to cover all budgets. These flags are fit for purpose and you can choose either a traditional rope and toggle fitting or an eyelet fitting.

Each order will be dispatched with a Certificate of Grateful Recognition for taking part in D-Day on 6th June 2024.

We are deeply humbled to have been appointed the sole manufacturer for the official “D-Day 80 Flag Of Peace”
by Bruno Peek

CVO, OBE, OPR and D-Day 80 Pageantmaster.

For the full programme of events and celebrations and how you can join in commemorating this historic anniversary event  please visit:

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