The VE-Day 80 Flag of Celebration

Victory in Europe Day, V-E Day

May 8th, 1945, celebrations erupted around the world to mark the formal acceptance by the Allies of Germany’s unconditional surrender of its armed forces and the end of World War II in Europe and in the Eastern front.

Flags will fly across the Nation on this day to celebrate the 80th Anniversary.

From Government, Civic Authorities, Municipal, Borough, City, Town and Parish councils, Schools, Churches, Businesses, Associations – anyone and everyone is encouraged to fly the  ‘VE Day 80 Flag of Celebration’.

Let the VE Day Flag of Celebration be at the heart of your celebration and events.

To make this event as inclusive to as many people as possible, especially in these current economic times, we have put together a range of different sized flags to cover all budgets. These flags are fit for purpose and you can choose either a traditional rope and toggle fitting or an eyelet fitting.

EXCLUSIVE Registered Design 6366701

We have introduced an 18″ x 12″ (45cm x 30cm) sized flag perfect for window use. This size ONLY will have an eyelet top right and top left and come complete with two sucker cups and clips for display

£18.00£66.00 inc. VAT

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